The increase in atmospheric and sea temperatures due to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions in the air, it is seen as the cause of the climatic changes that are experienced together with global warming. The use of fossil fuels is known as carbon emissions to the release of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The carbon that accumulates in the atmosphere is that the sun rays entering the atmos- phere are reflected from the soil and out of the atmosphere causing the world to overheat. This is also the main cause of the pollution of the air we breathe and the formation of many diseases. Excessive weather, such as drought, seller, and the increase in the frequency and impact of climate events; sea ​​level rise, resulting in the erosion of glaciers and the risk of human life, as well as plants, animals and ecosystems, .Limiting the increase in temperature to reduce the destructive effects of climate change, scientists emphasize the need for cleaner energy and lower-carbon technologies. For a more livable world, clean energy has become the most important energy source for us today. Increasing public awareness of climate change and its impact and a reliable strategy for carbon offsetting of the fact that it is 'Emission Reduction' with the acceptance of the fact that the renewable energy source production plants the precaution was once again understood.
Karadeniz Örme Group while continuing our activities in the energy sector; we also attach great importance to creating value for all our business partners, our employees and the community on the other hand. Our responsibilities towards our stakeholders are based on our consciousness, our corporate social responsibility projects, the development of the infrastructure, the protection of the environment and the sustainability of the development of the local economy. We are planning for. Our approach is based on these goals, the local people around our power plants to give priority to their demands and needs. The social responsibility projects we plan and the quality of life of local people increasing is our ultimate goal. To benefit from our leading position in the sector, as well as collecting and environment We are proud to see our social responsibility activities carried out on behalf of our employees as part of our corporate identity.
We develop all our investments on a sectoral basis and move forward our service quality.